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Stories from the writing front, tips and tricks for writers (and wannabe writers), anecdotes, and the occasional nonsensical nonsense.

What is Untitled Draft 23 all about?

Untitled Draft 23 is an illogical mixture of writing advice, productivity hacks, stories from the busy author front, pictures and anecdotes about Kira (my adorable pit bull mix), stories and pics from our travels (my husband, Tim, is an avid trip planner), and quite possibly a lot of nonsensical nonsense. 😜

And maybe, just maybe, because I just thought of it, some serialized short stories! Fun!

Untitled Draft 23 blends both sides of my author offerings: Horror and More-er (where I write and publish fiction) and You Can, Toucan! (where I coach busy authors, like myself, to create the writing lives of their dreams).

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What you can expect

Honestly? Inconsistency… and honesty. 😇

Mainly because I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post… 😬

Don’t judge! I’m a busy author okay? I work a 40-hour per week day job on top of writing novels and short stories and getting my coaching business up and running (so I can eventually ditch the day job).

On top of that, family comes first. My time with my husband and our pittie mix, Kira (who you will hear about a lot) takes priority.

Plus, ya know, daily-ish exercise. Or else I’ll literally go insane (literally in the non-literal use of the word).

The real "about" stuff

Who the heck am I?

I’m Claire L. Fishback. Author coach, award-winning author, project manager, amazing wife, dog mom, artist, twin, amateur tarot card reader, bone collector… the list goes on.

I’m here to spread my 30+ years of knowledge (I know, I look good for my age, right? *hair flip*) about writing to you, because I believe:


And avid readers make the best writers.

How I came to be who I am

Writing has been my passion since I was six years old. I started out writing short stories about my pets and other animals. At age 11, inspired by Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, things took a dark turn. Horror has been my genre ever since, though I do dabble in others. Hence, Horror and More-er.

In March 2022, I launched my author coaching business, You Can, Toucan! Author Coaching Services. It started as this desire to be a professional beta reader. Then I heard an interview with Jennie Nash who runs a book coach certification program. “Sign me up now!” I shrieked. Done deal. 

As of this writing, I’m still working through the program. I took a diversion and wrote a book, created a course (available on demand), and started a podcast.

All while writing a short story every month for my fiction fans (and working the day job, of course).

The Nitty Gritty about me

I’m honest, open, caring, empathetic (to my own detriment at times), sensitive but also tough, and loyal.

I love dogs (and almost all animals), wine, hiking, experiencing new places (but not the actual travel part, ugh. Whoever said the journey is worth more than the destination or whatever has never flown out of DIA), poking dead things with sticks, and adding to my bone collection. 😈

I curse like a sailer—but also know how to be professional and reign that sh!t in. I love dad jokes. I have foot in mouth disease. I’m socially unacceptable.

I will probably offend someone but not on purpose, I promise and I swear on everything holy, because inclusivity and diversity matter to me.


everyone is welcome here!

Unless you’re a grade A asshole, a Trump supporter (yeah, I said it, now GTFO), you do not value inclusivity and diversity, and you refuse to use peoples’ preferred pronouns. 

Then, bye Felicia.

How is this different than stuff I can find on Horror and More-er and You Can, Toucan?

I started this blog with the intent to have a place where I can just BE.

As of writing this, my podcast over at YC2C is on hiatus while I recover from burnout, continue the book coaching certification program, and write my next novel, but I still wanted a place to just talk about my passions.

A blog seemed like a good option. So why not?

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I used to have a blog…

Once upon a time (like back in 2012 and 2013), I had a blog. What did I use it for? Well, I thought it was